Friday, August 31

Post posted post title I thought up after posting: Exciting update for the day

Net is capped. And that is my exciting update for the day. Slowly catching up on reading. But lectures...yes. Laggy net doesn't help the downloading of lectures. Just realised that I only went to one of four lectures this week...oops. Spring is coming. Sorta.


I shall list things I have done over the past two days so I feel like I've accomplished some study.

- read week 6 macro
- read week 6 APA
- listened to macro lecture I missed out on Tuesday
- started week 7 ATA
- smashed out macro assignment. Albeit very badly. Will need to go over it again.

Oh man, is that all I've done? I practised piano, though not very efficiently, so it's hard to say what exactly I achieved. WAIT NO I

- read week 7 ATA reading

Just remembered that I did do all of it last night. Go me.


- listened to half of the second lecture I missed out on Thursday. Then it died. Sad life.

Drew a picture of my family as scarecrows. No, I don't know why. Looks pretty strange. Oh well.

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