Tuesday, August 7

My eyes be droops

So aside from all the irrationality which will later be deleted possibly maybe probably don't know I'm indecisive, yesterday was pretty good. Long day. Today was also a long day. Finished uni, chilled with Austin, who didn't get lost, chilled at Chocolate Lounge for ages whilst spending very little money, something we seem to do a lot, then found Cavern outside "the sunglasses shop", ditched Gavin so he could go to Deep Creek or whatever it was, then ate Jap food in Canada. Was nice. Trotted up to catch a tram, got off tram, ran after bus, bus stopped quite a while away, ceebsed catching another bus back, trotted the rest of the way. So that portion of my day was fun. Good people are good. Happy making.

Spent lunch with Cat Gav Alice Tony Julia today. Was a bit of a fifth wheel for a little bit before Julia came along. Sad life. Was happy though. Sun was out. Was with people who love me and make me laugh. Was with people who get me. Got interrogated by Alice. Mmm. It was nice. Something to hold onto.

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