Saturday, August 25

Day of el fadofils*

Was stationed at Flagstaff. Surprisingly not overly cold despite wearing a dress that's meant to be for summer. I thought I'd freeze. Went to MC first to visit Himasha and Cat, then traversed with Alice and Julia to our own spot, where responsibility was quickly handed over with no one to look after us. Then some suspicious character looked like he wanted to steal a teddy. Positive that came out of that was that I may have some more interesting material for behavioural interview than just music now. Sold stuff. Also went upstairs and tried to sell stuff (didn't really work). Annoyed Julia when I started kicking her with the teddies. Went back downstairs and sold stuff. Often got confused about whether people wanted pens or pins. Alice and Bec fetched us food and stuff. Ate pasta. Gave leftover mayo covered capsicum chunks to Alice. Got my French and KPMG notes stolen by the volunteers who came to collect stuff sigh. But got free daffodils. Met Viv. Went to RMIT. Sat and talked and took off my "feet". Walked to Lygon. Ordered dinner. Viv discovered she lost phone. Cat and I had a nice evening walk back to RMIT. Discovered room which we had been in was locked. Went back to restaurant. Ate. Actually finished my food, except for a chunk of pumpkin I gave Cat. Walked back to MC. Caught train with Bec and Julia. Got home. Crashed on bed. Can't have these moments as often as last year. So this will have to do. Was good. But still missing people. The two of them who I never see. Oh well. Next time. Or something.

*Otherwise known as Daffodil Day.


And now I have a heck load of work to do due to the whole bunch of ceebs that hit me over the past week or so. A week or so is all you need to fall behind. Quite behind. Looks like I'll have to use those breaks for work instead of friends. Maybe. Sigh.

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