Monday, August 13

I hate Mondays

I feel like Garfield. Though I'm not a big fan of Tuesdays either. Other than the get to see people part.

Enjoyed last night/afternoon thing. People fun. Obnoxious little kids amusing. Eating duck bone things was amusing because everyone now thinks I'm a genius. Which they probably should have realised before. Fun times all around. Chopping cake with a machete. Sword. Thing. Too much ice cream. Shkarph. Yes my sentences are getting progressively shorter. I type it here more just to have a record of good moments. Cause I always forget to update them in my good moments book thing. Or more I'm afraid that they'll eventually turn into melancholy and painful moments.Some kid chipped a tooth. I think. From what I could hear from upstairs. I know them feels. Laughing. Just laughing. I like laughing. Endorphins and stuff.

Should not have looked at photos from last year. Skype isn't quite the same. Not at all. The most content, peaceful moments were just lunchtimes at our table under the sun. Just laughing.

I got a hammer and a heart of glass. I gotta know right now which walls to smash.

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