Saturday, August 7

Ramble 8

So again we come to the end of the week, when I decided to chuck everything that has happened from this week into a ramble.

Point 1: jion if you can raed tihs whit no porlebm baecuas yuor jsut taht sarmt. :)
There’s this group on Facebook right. That is titled “jion if you can raed tihs whit no porlebm baecuas yuor jsut taht sarmt. :)” Unfortunately, they’re not that smart. Cause they used the wrong your/you’re. I was very upset at this, because they’re (note correct use of grammar) obviously not “that smart”. However smart “that” smart is. Mmm.
“Hey, that smart over there! How smart are you?”

Moving on.

Point 2: whympathy
For some reason, when I was typing out my practice essay, I kept typing about how the audience feels whympathy for Heathcliff. Uhuh.

Sarah ticks the point off.

Point 3: Hyperbole and a half
For those of you who haven’t read it, you should, because it’s the funniest thing I’ve encountered in a long while. Introduced to it by Vineeta, who wanted me to read the Alot article (how ironic, MS Word just corrected that to “A lot”), which I found hilarious. It actually has me laughing at my computer, which only makes me feel slightly lame. Makes me laugh as much as Black Books, Flight of the Conchords, and those snippets of Arseblog which my brother points me to.

Point 4: Beanbag
I kept running into a beanbag in the dark. I did it twice. Then I ran into a different one the other night. It was dark, alright? No lights, I live on a small street so not much light filtering through the windows. Can’t be bothered turning on the light. Lucky they were “beanbags and not bowling balls”. Cause I just leave bowling balls lying around the house. Cause I even –have- bowling balls in the house.

Point 5:  Dr Pepper
Oh the amusements of RC. Alright, so this vending machine thing came out, and the make a long/stupid story short (in order not to bore you with my idiocy), I sat at the computer for roughly two hours in order to get ten ice cream and ten Dr Peppers so I could level up my Dr Pepper-ice-cream-drink-thing to get the vending machine (well, I was doing other stuff at the same time). Shout out to Elysia for sending me the final Dr Pepper which clinched my victory.

I’m sad, alright?

Point 6: General Mayhem
Nearly typed Dr 6 there. General Mayhem was just something my brother came up with when I said the phrase. Him and his sidekick, Sergeant Chaos will be featuring from now on (I don’t know if they will actually. I just made a split second decision of idiocy. I get the feeling the word idiocy will be featuring a lot in this post.)

Point 7: English free Thursday
English teacher wasn’t there, so period six sat there with Bec and Ally singing Wonderwall, She Will Be Loved, The Scientist and I’m Yours along to Bec’s awesome guitar playing.

Point 8: PT
Not being Pizzateeth, despite my awesome fame, but being short for Plushie Tycoon. Cause I am currently playing Plushie Tycoon on Neopets. I told you I was sad. And filled with idiocy (three times now). I currently have 588NP or thereabouts, but they’re not real NPs. I know what you’re all saying: what has your life come to Sarah? You’re playing a virtual-virtual game. With virtual-virtual money. Oh dear.

I have more to post, but I shall make a separate one, cause the tags will probably exceed 200 characters. Stupid blogger.
You can't control your feelings. More people should understand that. And people shouldn't be made to feel bad about how they feel.

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  1. Neopets is awesome.
    If only I could remember my username and password... :(