Friday, August 13

How do I say?

We did a French test today, and it took so long to explain that Jess and I had already finished it by the time she officially started the thing. So then I wrote song lyrics on my sheet, as you do.

How do I say "hello"? 
I just wanna talk to you.
How do I say "you're beautiful"?
When I can't take my eyes off you.
So I wrote "how do I say hello, you're beautiful?" (slight misquote, but oh well), and Madame hands the test back to me and tells me that I got one mark off cause I used the wrong verb (oops), and underneath my song lyrics she wrote "bonjour, tu es beau/belle". And she pointed it out to me to tell me how to say it. We laughed.

I found this on Hyperbole and a Half.
Love is wonderful in that it can never be wasted or used up.  We can never replace the people or animals we have loved, but the love we feel for them can be expanded.  I like to think of love as being stretchy.  It is easy to feel guilty when you start to love a new pet - like somehow that means you love your old friend less.  But when you think of love as being stretchy and able to expand, you can see that there will always be room for everything.  You can love as much as you want.
Also, here is a palindrome of awesomeness which I shared with Jessica in French:

I met an alien whose name was sawemanesohwneilanatemi.


Edit: Sorry that was meant to be "I met an alien who was called dellacsawohwneilanatemi". Apologies for the confusion.

And if you ever need me: anytime. "I hate randoms who call at one in the morning, but for you my friend, anytime. Anytime."

Same goes for me. For you, anytime.

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