Sunday, August 1


This is the centpost. Fear it.

I guess I should somehow make it a landmark of my blog. Now I've got this image of me on top of hill, attempting to plant a flag into the green turf.

If this had been any post except for the 100th, it would've gone something like this:

"It was Marie's last day yesterday, and an epic day it was. We went to the Tim Burton exhibition, which was interesting. We felt pretty cool (being Marie, Alice and I), and just made artistically interested noises as we stared at the pictures/notes/sculptures i.e. "mmmmm", "ahhhh", "ohhhh" etc. etc. There were actually people there who were hardcore artists, taking notes and such. It was good, especially the ultra-violet (I use to read that was ultra-violent) light tunnel, which made my shoes glow. I want to be so famous that I can stick my notebooks in a glass case and charge people to look at them.

So then we traversed to Melbourne Central where we had a rendezvous with Mr. Asian (a.k.a. Sam with too many vowels in his last name. Under the clocks of course; where else?), and proceeded to eat twenty nuggets.

Then we walked to Lindt Cafe for no reason whatsoever, attempted to spot Minotaur (which everyone else did, and I didn't. My eyes suck) and walked Alice to Flinder's.

Followed by a blissful forty minutes or so sitting on the edge of the Yarra eating ice cream. Marie said our conversation was flat; I found it peaceful. I liked it. Should do it more often. The weather was awesome, although the sun was a tad bright. Such calm though. I love Melbourne.

Then we went home. The end.

Then (mmm, this post seems a little flat. Maybe cause I'm trying to make it a post in a post) we delivered Marie to the airport after six weeks of awesomeness and stupidity. Hope you have a safe trip, and visit soon. Although I will see you soon. Take care mon amie.

Also typed Macrib when I was trying to type Macrob on Facebook, and for some reason I now have images of gangstas running around school. In da Macrib. Although Mr O thinks that "The Mac Rib sounds like a new burger developed by McDonalds... 2 massive pork ribs, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onion in a huge chunk of bread. One serve would give you sufficient calories for the week." Sounds delicious.

So yeah, if it had been any post except for the 100th, I would've done that. However, I feel as though this should be some sort of checkpoint where I have one of my crazy D&Ms, and dissect/analyse the hell out of my life., this is awkward. There's not really much to analyse. I'm travelling alrightish, occasionally get overwhelmed by pressures of my own making, sometimes feel absolutely on top of the world. I have an amazing family that I think I've let down, who I'm constantly afraid of letting down, and friends who listen to me rant and rave even when they're as tired and afraid as I am, usually with more reason to be so. I still have no idea where I'm going, which still scares the hell out of me, but most of the time I feel as though I can just let it run. 

Happy centpost? I don't know. Feels like it should be bigger, don't it? 


And I love you Aly. 

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