Sunday, August 8


I had the weirdest dream this morning. I was on some sort of crazy lake thing about to enter a boat race with my friendskies, except we didn't have enough money to pay the rental on the boat, so we were planning to jump into the boat and just ride away with it. Smart.

All was going well and the race was about to start, when I discovered that Anton was there too (don't ask me how he got there. I have no idea). I opened his case up, and he wasn't actually in there, but I didn't notice, because it was a dream and weird things happen in dreams. But then I opened up the mouthpiece box, and his mouthpiece wasn't in there, and it was then that I noticed that he wasn't in there either.

So then Sarah started freaking out because I thought EB was going to kill me due to me losing the school 7000 dollar bass clarinet, so I couldn't enter the race, and ran away, through some crazy shop where Casey was being dragged into some crazy voodoo stuff by the hippee lady there.

And then my phone buzzed with an alarm, which I thought was my brother snoring until Beautiful Day started playing. And then I woke up.

I attribute all this to watching Pursuit of Happyness last night, in which Will Smith jumps into a taxi but finds that he lacks sufficient funds to pay for it, so he runs away. Go Will Smith.

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