Saturday, August 7


So I’m sitting here at 10:57pm why? Because I’m waiting for it to be one minute past the hour so I can jump on Plushie Tycoon and fire all my workers. However, I highly doubt that I’d be able to sleep in my bed anyway; for some reason, it is nigh impossible. Despite my exhaustedness at being up at 11pm (because I’m Sarah, as Julia so kindly pointed out for me. Thanks J. Glad I cleared that up.) I find it easier to fall asleep in more uncomfortable positions, such as sitting on my lumpy bag on the 4:56pm Ringwood train, with my back painfully bent because the handlebar attached to the big sheet of plastic was right at my ponytail height, so I couldn’t lean against it would mean I would have had to stretch my neck up to slot my ponytail in between the big sheet of plastic and the yellow bar, or face the major discomfort of having it pressed against the bar. Why didn’t I retie it, you may ask? Cause I have already retied it countless times today. AND I WAS SLEEPY.

So yes, back to the topic (was there even one in the first place?). I wish my bed had the gentle rocking motion of a train. Maybe I should imitate the feeling by sitting up and making appropriate grumbling noises in order to capture the gentle sounds of…

Insert: Give me a moment, it’s 11:02, must go fire those workers.

Insert the second: Why it does appear as though I’ve been had. I swear I changed my time zone so that it should have been 5pm just then, but the main page informs me that it is actually 5:30, or thereabouts. Hmmph. I will get this eventually.

Moving on.

…the lovely Metro trains. Then I shall plug my music in and play some RnB or Maroon 5 (although I feel rather Coldplayish at the moment too). And to add to the atmosphere of general public transport, perhaps I should graffiti my room by scratching the walls and scribbling everywhere with Sharpie (although there are quite a few holes in my walls anyway. And bits where I ripped of the blu-tack off too enthusiastically and the paint came off with it). And then dig some holes in my mattress, as some crazy people are wont of doing on trains (to the seats that is). Then scatter some newspapers with half-completed puzzles around. Add a couple of smelly commuters who give you disapproving glares for sitting on your bag, and hey presto, we have transformed my room into a train carriage.

So I shall post all this exciting stuff up tomorrow morning, so that I don’t eat up too much internet. Nom nom nom.

Yes, I think I shall go to bed now.  

Note: Yes, it’s 11:13 and I’m still here. But just a question: I don’t know what I should level up in RC anymore. Ideas?

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