Friday, July 6

Was gonna tumblr this, but...I like here more

Yesterday was a good day and special day (yes, that t-shirt slogan thingo will haunt me forever. I like it that way).
- Ran into a lot of high school people at MC cause it's the holidays and people like to have outings on Thursdays cause it's fun. Sang Waltzing Matilda under the clock. It just kept on going. 
- Met up with people who I was meant to met up with. Was good. I miss them. 
- Frolicked over to nom ramen with Jess, Julia, Bec, Viv, Zoe, Tiff...I feel like I'm missing someone. Oh. Me. 
- Nommed ramen. Laughed a lot. Slept on Julia. I miss physical contact during breaks. I miss physical contact during uni. No, I'm not creepy at all.
- Mahi met up with us after. That was good. She kept laughing at me and squishing me. One of few people I don't mind reacting like that, so it's alright. 
- Walked down to...somewhere. Where did we go...wherever it was, we caught a tram. Bumblebee tram which told us to alight for stops. 
- Got to Crown. Walked through Crown. Almost fell down some stairs. Julia saved my life. 
- Laser Wars. Came dead last. Laughed like a maniac because of mishearing things. 
- Walked to Southbank. Everyone else had ice cream (I think). I left cause needed to go home. 
- Got home, was very sleepy. Napped. Fudged around for the rest of the night. Went to bed. Got woken up. Then slept again. 

Happy. Not unsettled at the moment. It comes and it goes. Hopefully it'll get to the point where the periods between "go" and "come" are more extensive. 

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