Sunday, July 1

Apparently I should stop thinking

I think it's very sound advice. But I feel like if I stop thinking, then whatever is wrong, which I can't quite place my finger on, will never get better. Though it probably will. Okay. Stop thinking. Here have a thought: I feel like everything we built last year hasn't lasted. And for some reason that makes me...not angry...just...I dunno. It's like, at the end of year eleven, we wanted to make a mark. And it feels like that wasn't achieved. Which I should just get over. I can't do a thing about it. I just should not have Facebook. And I should just get over myself. Wasn't I lucky enough already with what I had? Why do I need anything more than just the simple fact that I did experience it? Sigh. Okay. Time to figure out how to play eight against thirteen in my variations. Adios.


Here, have a picture I drew for Wappy's birthday.

Drawn 20th June 2012.


So much doubt. Frick. I play piano. Ha. That's what I did in year eleven. Oh, what an amusing year that was. Frick.

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