Friday, May 25

Week beginning 21st of May

Monday: Can't remember

Tuesday: Can't remember

Wednesday: Can't remember

Thursday: Vaguely remember

Friday: Sorta remember

Okay, if I think really hard, I might remember.

Monday: ...French? Went to French. Had final QM tute. Ate lunch...somewhere. With friends. YES. That is what happened. Ate lunch with friends. Yessirree. Final piano class for the semester. We were told to look after our health. Mine's already flown out the window and kissed me goodbye.

Tuesday: Final micro tute. Nyeh. Lunch....what did I do for lunch. Oh yes. We got very bored and restless in the microwave lounge place. Was still fun though. Final accounting tute. Last time I will see someone who was in my class for the past twelve weeks and who I talked to. Weird. Slightly. But so it goes. Had an hour break doing...what did I do? I think I just fudged around feeling sleepy. Oh no, I did part of an accounting exam. Whilst simultaneously feeling sleepy. Handed in essay. Initially planned to, then didn't, then planned to and did catch train with Julia. Was fun. I shall try to keep my appointments more. I think. I should, shouldn't I?

Wednesday: QM lecture in which I didn't pay attention and kept zoning out and calculating my scores for my subjects so far. Then crashed Julia's food lecture. Then ate food outside. Then final French tute. Presented wiki. We kept going overtime. I'm pretty sure I slipped the word also into part of my oral. Good job me. Trammed down to have piano lesson. Was better piano lesson than last time. Good stuff. Feel slightly better now.

Thursday: Final micro lecture. Final accounting lecture. Took Antonio back to where he belonged. Missed seeing Bec cause I didn't text her. Oops. I'm sorry. And actually disappointed. Sigh. Director wasn't in his office. Also sad. I did see Mr O and Trumpet Emily though. Saw Sim for about two seconds, but she was doing something or rather which required her attention, so didn't get to talk. Trammed down to South Yarra. Yes, I travelled from North Melbourne to South Melbourne to sorta south-eastish Melbourne in the course of an afternoon. Wasting time on public transport. Good times. Caught train. Fun times. Caught bus. I don't like buses. Walked home. Did parts of practice exams.

Friday: Driving lesson. Missed train by a few seconds. Froze and waited for the next one. Bumped into Claudia. Went to final QM lecture. Woohoo. Then hung around uni with almost all of us reunited minus Wappy. Was good, was good. Sigh. It was good. I have much love. Went home. Here I am.

I miss you, but telling you may be creepy, so I won't. Lala. I'm really tired and I don't really know why. Might be waking up at 6:45 in the mornings. For some reason I never sleep until my alarm anymore. I'm tired, and when I get tired I get pondersome, and then it's all like blergh.

And that has been my week. Exams soon. Woohoo.

I miss you. Creepy. Sorry.


It moves very quickly, don't it? Feel fresh out of high school, and there goes a sixth of my degree already. Need to study. Yes. Need to make this work. Yeah. Gonna blow it out of the water. Oxford Oxford Oxford. Okay. Need to do this.


I want to talk to you. Blergh. Sigh. I need to chill. Really. I have all I need at the moment. Why waste time and brain space on something which probably won't happen? You told me once that they were constantly on your mind, and that your day felt empty without talking to them. Yeeeah. Sigh.

I miss Monash people sigh. I miss big groups of stupidity. Those moments are just so much harder to get now. I miss having people around me understand where I come from. I'm not down. I like where I am, mostly. But there are things that I miss, not cripplingly, just in a melancholy, nostalgic fashion.

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