Sunday, May 20

Ramble blah

Come ball a frickin rat time, I'm gong to turn into an emotional wreak again. I can feel it happening without me. I really need something. Ensemble-wise.

And are you backing off? I can understand if you are. Or am I overthinking things again like I did last time? Which, it turned out, I had every right to think too much of. And now I've got you stuck in my brain and I don't know how to get you out. Amusing cause I was the one who was advised to back off. Sigh. Get over it. Nothing lasts forever. Few things even last a year. People move. Pretty sure I'm overthinking. But I wonder, just like I did last time, did I break something?

And I do believe I'm overthinking.

It's really warm in my house today. I wonder why that is. Probably cause we has a raging fiah going on.

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