Saturday, May 26


Reading books unrelated to ones education is fun!

That night as I lay in bed listening to the rain, I couldn't stop my imagination from taking over


Ramble while I wait for Lego Harry Potter to download.

Fire is going. It makes the house really warm. My hand, fingers, thumb, shoulder, arm hurt cause of revision. But was pretty productive. Must be even more so.

I miss someone. I miss several someones, but some in particular are caught on my mind. I wish the weren't. I get jealous too easily. I feel ignored too easily. Should work on that. It comes and it goes. Nyeh. Tired. Tired tired tired.

I'm scared you'll find someone else. I'm scared you've already moved on. I'm scared that I might actually be nothing where I thought I was something. Ludicrous, yes. I told you I was irrational and stupid.

Our fireplace looks good. I don't get why I blog here. Nyeh. Sorta do. It's in the vain hope that someone might read it. Mmm.

Lego HP is ready. Let's do thissss.


  1. Hey hi there I read your blog. You write very well. Your words are pretty.

  2. Thank you. That made me happy. My replies never usually get replied to, but I'll try anyway: do I know you in real life?