Wednesday, May 16

Moving mountains

I have been mighty unproductive for the past two days. But I went through an accounting exam last night...okay, question one a and b of an accounting exam...BUT I DID DO SOMETHING. I dunno. It feels alright. I'm not too concerned. I think it'll work out alright. Piano on the other hand still has gotten no better. I'm not improving. Need to see my old piano teacher. I do miss his calm and chucklesome ways. He's a very chucklesome kind of guy.
I lost my way, she said she'd stay.
I am very grateful for the friends who manage to stick by me despite all the stupid things I've done.

Sigh what the hell am I doing?


Hrm. What is going on? Where are we going? What's happening? I'm much confused. Nyeh. We're just ordinary people. Listened to some Akon today.
Wish I could keep you much longer. I know you gotta go, cause you got things to do. Wish I could keep you much longer. Now you too busy for me girl 

Scratch the above song lyric. Why oh why oh why do I ever let myself doubt you? what?

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