Monday, January 30

So Nadal lost

But apparently it's one of those good losses, where he didn't lose so much as the other guy winning. Yep. He sounded pretty calm about this loss (or at least what I can glean from reading his presser), so that's good.
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two imposters just the same
At least he wasn't in tears like he was after French Open. Well, he wasn't crying. He just looked very close to it when he was talking to the media.

Best poem. Ever. 

Apparently Nadal had trouble understanding what he was reading. Fair enough. But the Spanish accent. Unf. "If you can daream, but not make dareams your master."

And Federer, I never noticed, has a strange-ish accent as well. He always just sounded vaguely American to me...

Anyway. I'm sorta sleepy. Four and a half hours sleep. That's going to be telling once I hit 9 o'clock tonight. But for the moment, not too bad. I've worked it out so that I get one free day in uni. Stupid lectures which are only available on one day.


Not too sure why I just uploaded all my pictures. Probably cause it's fun. I'm getting hungry. Melbourne Uni portal isn't working. Typical.


Dear Introductory Microeconomics,

So, you're, like, a tool, yeah? I'll give you no authorisation and unexpected errors.

Kind regards,



Oh the amusement. They're both completely zoned out. Djokovic had to prod Rafa a couple of times with the water bottle before he realised that he was being prodded. I love the simultaneous stretching, and then Djokovic squatting while Nadal casually sits on the net. 

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