Tuesday, January 10

I just spent two and a half hours emailing people

Thirty-one law firms and one music director, to be precise. Let's hope I get some sort of return on this. I may continue later. I've already been rejected once. Must steel myself for more rejection.

On a side note, law firms have the longest and most confusing names...I came across one which was someone and someone with something and something lawyers. Or something like that. Mmm.


I must say, they are very prompt. That's another four rejections. Then again, who wants someone who has no work experience and isn't even doing law for the next three years...

I JUST WANT A JOB. Shall apply for other things once I get thirty-one rejections.


And the job doesn't end there...I have to thank them every time I get a rejection e-mail. So that's thirty-one rejection replies. And I feel as though I'm uncreative cause every single reply is the same. Must spice it up somehow...



Although one of them was kind enough to tell me to seek him after three years of studying law. Which is in another six years. Cool.


Sudden realisation came to me while I was daydreaming that my future boyfriend will definitely not look like a manga character. I think I only just realised that. Yep.

*cries in a corner*


...turns out I've been playing an A flat instead of an A natural in a piece which I stated learning at the end of year seven...oops. Three different teachers, and we never picked up on it in six years...

But the A flat does sound nicer. Probably cause I'm used to it now.


I feel like lying around and listening to heartbreaking music. And I'm not even heartbroken. Maybe I should do productive things instead. Such as watch asian drama. Yep. Producing stuff.

This is the deep and dying breath of this love that we've been working on. No one's gonna come and save us, we've set off too many false alarms. And you know that we're doomed, my dear, we're slow dancing in a burning room.
I actually wanna quote the whole song. My heart's breaking just sitting here listening to him sing. DON'T BE SO SAD JOHN MAYER.

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