Friday, January 27

Z-ring (for want of a better title)

I feel slightly nauseous. I think it's a combination of getting six to seven of hours of sleep (which is actually pretty decent), having stared at the computer all day, eaten bread, yoghurt and several nectarines in the past couple of hours, and an excess of thinking. Too much thinks. I really need uni to start soon. But then once it does, I'll want the holidays to come again...

No, actually, I know what it is. It's that you want holidays during school so that you can have enough time to rest and be merry and study. Holidays without study are a little...aimless. Need to practise piano. My head feels funny. And my stomach. Hrm.

By the way, Nadal won (he, almost typed one). Yay.

I want, rather desperately, to hold someone's hand. Should stop reading fluffy nawsies manga and other such works of fiction. Makes me yearn for some fluffy nawsies of my own.

Got a letter which I wrote to myself back in year nine, for me at the end of the year 12. It said something along the lines of "I want a boyfriend but I know that one requires hard work and effort and stuff". Or words to that effect. Still think that way. Still want a hand to hold.

In other news, I got a ring, which has now been dubbed the Z-ring. Shall take a photo of it after I go set the table. It matches my watch. The purple one. And the ring. Not the table.


The Z-ring

And that is also my Baby-G which my parents got my birthday. The Z-ring is a combined birthday/Christmas present from my siblings dearests. 

Nothing to do, no one to be. Is it so hard to see? That I'm perfectly lonely, cause I don't belong to anyone, and nobody belongs to me. That's the way, that's the way, that's the way I want it. 

John Mayer writes some very nice melodies. 


Tomorrow: Alice's birthday, happy chill time with friends, then happy chill dinner with family and family friends who aren't really my friends but they're my parents friends so happy chill time all around. 

Sunday: Australian Open final with Nadal in it. Nuff said. 

Monday: happy chill time with more friends, this time of the one-year-older-than me variety, and the teacher variety. 

Tuesday: I believe I am seeing Noel Gallagher. Happy chill time with my brother and my idol. 

Thursday: my brother turns 22. Wow. Yoyo turns something along the lines of sixteen I have no brain power to work it. Out. I forgot the out. Embarrassing. 

Friday: Michelle starts school LOLZ*. 

*I don't usually spontaneously LOL at the end of a sentence. I just felt that it was appropriate there. 

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  1. ...Why does everyone have birthdays on the second of the second?