Friday, August 30

Update in anticipation for spring

And because it's almost spring, Melbourne just suddenly got warmer. It's nice. I hate the cold. 

I feel good of late. Still nervous about piano (should stop blogging and hop to practicing), but mostly still good. Who knew that things would be so much better with emails to write and people to liaise with? Two balls and retreat to look forward to in next couple of months, and hopefully new people who will be wonderful. I am on a wonderful team. I think of the other positions I applied for, and I am so so glad I ended up in this one. The experience is more varied, the team is amazing, and I get to meet so many more people. And the team is great. We are 3/5 MacRob, which amuses me. I feel lucky. Even though getting in is lucky enough, I feel lucky to have landed in the role I have. I am so glad everything ended up aligning the way it did with my uni and course choices, and going to the US and just happening to be room mates with someone amazing who led me to this. A chain of fortunate events. 

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