Friday, August 9

Recent developments

So I am back at uni and things feel a little more on track, a bit more meaningful than before. I'm rethinking some career paths, which is always good, I have made new friends and there are actually familiar faces around campus. Keeping busy with various volunteering and other things. I don't deal well with pressure and I should. So many shoulds. 

I feel better about music possibly because of a teacher change. And I'm playing some nice stuff. It doesn't stop me from missing my old piano teacher though. A lot of missing of people lately. But new people also come along, and you keep the old that make the effort. 

I can hear the distant barking of dogs and ringing in my ears. Watched some Adventure Time. Was originally going to start teen wolf but that's scary at night. As is Firefly. Murder crime show Castle isn't though. 

She came to tell me
It'll be alright 
All things end
Night turns to light

I looked in my eyes
You're from the past
All things end 
No light will last

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