Thursday, January 31

Of mid-sems, friends and the end of the month

Things that have happened recently:
- have been crippled, though will hopefully be able to hobble by tomorrow
- it started raining and it's now actually quite cold. Hi summer.
- I still haven't started practicing piano
- had a mid-sem, in which I corrected two answers I think I got wrong initially, so that's good yes?
- saw Mahi following the mid-sem, ordered vegetable lasagne for lunch and then re-realised how much I don't like vegetable lasagne.
- saw alumni and current high school kids at uni. Need to arrange more meetings with more people I have neglected. I am bad at organising time and keeping track of people.
- people came back from their trips.

And that is one twelfth of 2013 gone. And it's my birthday in four weeks, and that'll be another year gone.

Everything that happens from now on, this is pouring rain. This is paralyzed. I keep throwing it down two hundred at a time. It's hard to find it when you knew it. When your money's gone and you're drunk as hell. I've been twisting to the sun. I needed to replace the fountain in the front yard is rusted out. All my love was down in a frozen ground.

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