Saturday, October 13

More exciting news (I'm really bad at post titles but feel like they still deserve titles)

Started a new diary today. Yes, exciting news. So diary the fifth is the one Jess gave me for my birthday this year. It joins the original beat up and battered Hello Kitty with the bits falling of plastic cover, the funky green stripy one with the funky make shift book mark and my name on it in newspaper letters, the third black one which was aptly full of black...moments (not that black, my life is pretty white or something) but also some very nice moments because that was the one that went with me to France, and the fourth brown one which I bought with Jess from QV.

This diary's really heavy. I suspect toting my diary to uni was why my bag broke. Reading back is kinda amusing yet very very cringeworthy, especially when I look at/read my thirteen-year-old self. Very cringey.

Exciting cash flow reconstructions to be done. I kinda suck at this part. So must practice and then beast the eggzam. Which is in a month and a day. Four and a half weeks. Bring it.

Loljk please don't, I'm not ready.

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