Monday, November 7

List of things to do following exams, as per the sticky note on my desktop

  • scar tissue: read Scar Tissue. Although I guess I have to purchase it first. 
  • rafa: read Rafa's book. 
  • conan 739: to remind myself that I am up to chapter 739. Need to catch up. Bahahahaha. 
  • x-men origines: how embarrassing, I made a typo on the sticky note...but yes, need to watch X-Men. I forget whether or not we bought that one...I think we did. 
  • captain america: pretty self-explanatory. 
  • avengers: also self-explanatory, but difficult to do seeing as it isn't actually out yet. 
  • spider man: I don't know why that's on the list. I'm not a big fan of Spider Man. Or maybe I was when I wrote it down...
  • mashup of without you and with or without you: being a David Guetta song and a U2 one. They just flow very well. Need to record it for my own satisfaction. 
  • narnia: put that on there last night...don't know if I actually want to read it though. 
  • coldplay at emas 2011: saw a gif floating around on Tumblr of Coldplay playing at the EMAs. And it looked like a good gig. And they played their Mylo Xyloto stuff. I really quite badly want them to come to Australia. 
And that is what the list currently looks like.

Once upon a time somebody ran. Somebody ran away, saying "fast as I can. I got to go." Once upon a time, we fell apart. You're holding in your hands two halves of my heart. Once upon a time, we burn bright, now all we seem to do is fight. Coulda been a princess, you'd be a king. Coulda had a castle, and worn a ring. But no. You let me go. 
You stole my star.
And for that I'm sorry. Not sad over it anymore, and sorry doesn't really do much. But yeah.

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