Monday, November 14

I spent the whole day procrasti-reading

And now I feel immensely sleepy. I don't think ten day breaks are a positive thung for my French exam. Shall do I WILL. REALLY. 


I remember crying to this for some strange reason. Probably cause it's so beautiful, simple, and yet often so difficult to attain. 

Sigh at the fact that my exam period still has another week to run. Sigh that it's also on Speech Night. Ah well. It happens.


Yeah, slightly late. But I am very welcoming of this "improves voice recognition for Australian users using dictation." Extremely welcoming. 

And an update on the sticky note on my desktop: 

  • watch and read the perks of being a wallflower: Although apparently the movie isn't actually out yet. As unattainable as my "watch Avengers" dot point. 
  • easy a 
  • kingdom hearts 
  • reborn 
  • rave: Not raving, but reading Rave. Or whatever it's called.  
  • pokemon bw: Both find a way to hunt down the manga, and play it. 
  • soulsilver: Need to beat frickin Red. Imma train that Quagsire hard.  
  • original silver: After I go through the messy business of transferring my Celebi out, then back in. Then I get to play on my lovely purple GameBoy Colour with no backlight, because we can't seem to find the charger for the SP. Which means that if someone turns the light off while I'm playing, I am rendered incapable of seeing the screen. Ah, the good old days. 
  • plan and write a frickin book: In the process of the frickin writing, but I probably need to do some frickin planning to get the frickin writing done. At the moment it's more of a pleasure/pass the time/get these scenarios out of my head so I can actually sleep without having to play them over and over kind of thing. Not that they don't play in my head anyway...but it feels like I should write them down. 

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