Saturday, October 29

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There's just something about this video which makes me extremely happy.
I feel my heart start beating to my favourite song
It sounds so good. So...anthemic. As in...anthemish. And so much pretty paint in the video. And Chris Martin is one of the best front-men every. One of the weirdest looking people ever, but still awesome. Still adorable though. And blue eyes. They're so frickin blue. And paint splatters! And rainbows! And flashing patters which hurt my eyes. And Champion drumming.
So you can hurt, hurt me bad, but still I'll raise the flag. 
Want them to come to Australia. Quite badly. Want to jump up and down with the music blasting and come back at midnight with my ears ringing.


My desk has become this massive stack of maths practice exams...I don't even know how I'm planning to get these all into notes...somehow...I will develop a system where I know which ones I have copied already and which ones I haven't...yep. Anyway. To dinner.

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