Friday, October 21

In the end it's right

I've probably said this fifty billion times already, but can you imagine if I had graduated with them? If my valedictory had been on Monday, my last day of classes yesterday and my muck up day today. If I hadn't been...well, here. Mr Bump not sitting on the couch outside, not planning to buy ribbon to trim my dress with, not rushing up to the music department to cram in as many rehearsals as humanly possible. No daily meetings at Flinders, no being Music Captain, no Anton. None of the fifty billion brilliant people I've met. No trip to France.

Slightly weird. 

My sister told me that they sang Time Of Your Life (or whatever it's called) at the assembly/concert thing today. I remember a kid singing it at year 7 camp. In my head, it's a bit of a...loop. Connection. Thing. Don't know what I'm saying anymore. Just glad I'm here.
Darling we're slow dancing in a burning room. 
I need to listen to it closer. Haven't quite figured out what's happening in that song.
It's not the storm before the calm.  

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