Friday, October 14

When lost will you find me?

First time I've heard him belt notes. It's actually quite nice. I've just noticed that he has a tendency to close his eyes when he goes high as well. I need to stop doing it.
But they told me I'm meant to be faithful, and walk when not able, and fight to the end. But I'm only human.
French oral went quite nicely today. Not fantastically, but you know, it could've been worse. When I checked my phone I had ten messages. I felt so incredibly popular. Thanks guys.

Edit 6:52pm

You know, I'm getting that distinct feeling I got after my recital last year. The sort of feeling where I feel mega accomplished having gotten so far into the year, and suddenly have lost all motivation to study for anything else. Well, it's not quite as bad as last year. Although it is also more important than last year, with a further six exams instead of two. You know, with the way my subjects are, I will have had ten assessments for six subjects. Although that's not too bad, seeing as I didn't have midyears...

But now I feel like I deserve the weekend off...will work later. Will waste some time by reading. Which is what I did last year. Managed to catch up to Naruto in the space of a few weeks...yeah, I shouldn't do the subjects which have a performance component.

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