Wednesday, September 7

Ramble 19

My eyes hurt, I am sleepy "therefore I must sleepy", and am a little bit too tired to do work. But I need to do my detailed study so that I have something to show my French tutor tomorrow afternoon.

I listened to Jack Johnson on the train.

I might go to school late tomorrow. Should I? I'm really tired, but not sick enough to rate skipping things. I think that last sentence implied that I was going to skip morning classes. I'm not. I have a period one free. It's just that I never usually go late.

I deleted Detective Conan from my bookmarks bar. Victory.

Things/people are annoying me more than they ought to because of my mood.

Jack Johnson is calming.

I am struggling to be coherent.

I drank tomato juice today.

Not finding any information about detailed study on the internet, the place of infinite information, is disheartening. Good night.

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