Sunday, March 13

Sixteen going on seventeen: Part III

The third (and I believe final) instalment of my 17th birthday. 
It started with this:

Which I actually received on my birthday. And now, presents from around the world:

""New Zealand ♥ So many opportunities for a sheeping bag!"

Google Chrome believes that sheeping is not a word. Pfft. Just ask Bear Grylls. 

"New York City! Sunnies to block out intense night lights...learnt to "Chill wif ma Homies""

Again with the random capitalisation of words which aren't meant to be capitalised. Alice blames German. 

"Madrid ~ Nadal lives here?"

He doesn't. He lives in Mallorca, Manacor. But he also lives in my room now. I just have to hammer another hole in the wall so I can hang him up. 

"Bonjour Paris! Ours Grylls pourrait le grimper."

Elle parle du Tour Eiffel. Bien sur. Ours Grylls peut faire tout. 

"London ~ pound for pound it has more protein than beef."

I don't get what Little Miss Mallows have to do with England, but oh well. Is Hargreaves English?

"Japan! It can get quite slippy in wooden sandals."

The ironic bit? The notebook's made in Korea. 

And that's the end of the journey. Except for this:

Which I have forgotten the origins of. Oops. 

A little friend gave me more things to hang on my handbag. 

Another little friend gave me something to hang on the wall. I shall stare at him all day. 

A big brother got me a green bag with a green frog. Frogy bag. With OneG: it can't make calls OH SNAP.

Birthday board. You like how I artistically took the photo from an angle so no one could see the photos? 

From a musical sister. Who is also good at origami. 

From wonderful parents.

From a twin.

Took me absolutely ages to upload them all because Blogger sucks at uploading images, but I got there. And it sorta needed to be on Blogger. I tend to be rather unloquacious on tumblr. It's just not the same. 

Thank you thank you thank you. I'm really lucky to have such great friends. 

Thanks to Thu and Julia for the little photo as well. Also need to find somewhere to stick that. 

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