Monday, March 1

sacchiride-y 16th

Sweet 16th...literally. So much sugar. So much stupidity. And pizza.
And what a ridiculous amount of ducks.
So thanks to everyone who made me smile with their lovely gifts, or laugh hysterically, in the case of Vivien's beautifully written and illustrated picture book. Thanks for the ridiculously overpriced bag (I love it), the duck bag, the ducks (of course), the playing cards, the big card, all the other stuff that I can't be bothered listing.
But most of all, thank you for all the words. The people who took time and effort to construct a piece of writing, over the net, especially more so if it was on paper. Because then it's a lasting memory.
So let me get to this one point of rage which I can't get over, then we can go back to blissful happy happy.
You were all cut up that no one was wishing you happy birthday, but we eventually sprung you with a card, when I came home.
So why didn't you do the same for me?
There's not really any bitterness in that, I guess, because I got so much stuff yesterday, and spent so much time happy that it was ridiculously awesome. I guess I'm disappointed, and I'm just wondering why you do what you do. And why you can't seem to put yourself in other people's shoes.
Maybe I'm being naive, maybe you've endured more than I have, but I still can't understand it.
But let's close that thought, and once again say thank you very much to everybody.
You make it all worth it.

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