Sunday, August 24

By now you should've somehow realise what you're not to do

Been pretty good lately! Things are feeling as though they're on track even if they're probably no where near in reality. I got a good client for management consulting, on an interesting project that has relevance to a whole bunch of things. Yes, I feel very much on top of things but don't know if that feeling will go away very soon...I haven't done a thing that I was meant to do for tomorrow but I can't be bothered doing it there. Solid working by me again.

Korra finale last night/night before kind of killed me. It was all like LAVA and LIGHTNING, and then what the hell like FLYING YOU ARE NOT MEANT TO BE FLYING and then it was like BAM EVIL PLANS and then it was like hey it looks like Aang wait that's not Aang MY LITTLE BBS. Yeah, that was pretty much what happened. Fiction destroys me.

In other news, I done hecked up again and the shame of doing so will take another little while to go away. I need to figure out where the line between looking after myself and being selfish is.

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