Thursday, May 15

Three things

1. Constant budget talk and bashing is making me uncomfortable and small and feel stupid in general. 
2. Just got terse email from someone I assumed was still in student society who actually isn't informing me so. Again I feel stupid and embarrassed. 
3. Facebook post about how commerce unimelb is full of snobbish people who walk around with their heads down and that makes me feel stupid too. Not everyone is a social butterfly, maybe if you stopped looking down on people then they'd actually make an effort. 

Bonus 4th thing: people getting upset about "school song changing" when they just interpreted it wrong and proceeded to get angry at other's "stupidity" and god why is this still hurting? 

How do I stop caring so much about what people think? Stahp. 

In other news I've started revising. Time to sleep now. 

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