Monday, April 22

Just things, largely music-related

Or thing. We were sitting in piano class today, the twenty or so second years that decided to rock up, and professor asks for a show of hands of who practices on an upright, and it was pretty much everyone. I was one of about, five, six people who had regular access to a grand. I'm lucky and I forget that a lot.

However, I am still unmotivated for piano. Sorry to ruin the moment. My sister is playing a duet that I played with Lydia in year eleven, and it's quite nostalgic because it's probably the best fun I've ever had doing an ensemble. Or maybe, the most successful ensemble I've ever been a part of in terms of what I felt I achieved. I owned it. I've never really felt that with orchestras, bands, usually because I'm the bass line pumping out semibreves or a steady stream of quavers. It was a fun piece. We fiddled around with the intro and were afraid that we'd get disapproved so we never played it the performance way in front of our teacher until the actual SAC just in case it surprised him to the point of banning it.

It's a happy memory. For some reason, that particular music class or group doesn't have anything bitter memories. There's nostalgia certainly, but there's no envy of those who still have it. I wish I could get it back because it was fun, but it's not a horribly achy type of desire. It was fun and it was special and intimate.

I am sleepy now and the fire has just burned down to embers, so it's time to say good night.

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