Sunday, April 21


That post title just looks like a really badly conjugated French verb.

The point was that I am currently watching a video of Noel singing Where Did It All Go Wrong? acoustically, and it's meant to be quite a sad, hopeless kind of song, but for some inexplicable reason the creator of the video felt the need to type the lyrics in Comic Sans. Why would you do that? What would possess you to do that? Comic Sans is for primary school poster projects.

Google Docs is also annoying cause it kills formatting. Why does it do that. No, I don't want my bullet points indented at ten different distances from the edge of the page.

I have officially (kind of officially once I move some stuff) cut my part of the OB assignment down to around 1300 words. It was originally 1750. I'm pretty happy.

I should throw away the apple core sitting in the glass next to my computer, and wash said glass. It's been a while since I worked this late. Maybe that's what I need to start doing. Working late again. I used to be a lot better at this. I used to consistently get up at six in the morning, and sleep at eleven, and have longer days with rehearsals and tutoring and the whole she-bang, and not feel this tired. I never took naps until I hit uni. But I am quite tired now so I should probably go sleep. Aaaand it's just ticked over to the next day. Good night.

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