Wednesday, November 7

Your name has echoed through my mind

And I'd be smart to walk away, but you're quicksand. 
This daydream is dangerous.
Slept in til about quarter to ten this morning. Latest in quite a long while I believe. Oops. Had piano lesson. Piano teacher showed me from where in Philadelphia she was on Google maps. Have spent the past week or two listening to Taylor Swift shuffle. 

Burnt my thumb on my hair straightener today, so now it's all shiny and stings a little. On the bright side, I got three free ice-creams at Flinder's so I could freeze it on the train back home. 

Had macro yesterday. Was alright. Thought I got something right, but appaz not. Oh well. Done, gone, and now I can go recycle my macro notes cause not touching eco again. Once the recycling gets taken out in a week, cause it's ridiculously full right now. 

Sigh it's been three weeks zzzzzzzzzz. Not that I'm counting. 

And a year's passed. Well, still a month and half to go. But still. Nearing the end. Weird. Just looked through my diary. Had no entry for 7th November last year, but had methods exam 1 on the 8th. So it was a day before methods. 

Almost theresies. My thumb is numb. And Jay-Z is ridiculously tall. He usually looks shorter. 

Mood: good enough. Kind of nothing. Just kind of waiting for it to be done. Ten days til Jess is back. Two weeks til I'm all done for this year. 

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