Friday, November 23

Of virtual housekeeping/cleaning

Currently cleaning out files on computer to make space for four seasons of Pokémon. After I copy them over, I'm not going to have much space left over for anything else. OH WELL. If only this damn external hard drive would work. I plug it in, it whirs, and then just sits there being invisible. Sigh.

However, I am now free. Wheeeee. A whole month and a half of doing nothing. Need to learn scales again. Need to sell all these uni textbooks I have sitting here taking up to much space. Shall start reading again. Finished piano on Wednesday, went and lunched with friends. Sat and chilled on State lawn for a little bit after that, freaked Tony out with my indecision. Copland thingo tonight. Should be alright. Something about celebrating the end of the year, and they feed us, so yes, should be good. Going somewhere beforehand with Anita. Don't know where. Just somewhere. Due to timing issues with the little sister's schooling times, have to get out to city early. Shall shop for card/present-making supplies.

Went to information night last night. We used to be so young.

And that's first year done. Weird. Weird weird weird. Still feel like I'm only just fresh out of high school. Things are different (duh). And the way people are and the way things work have to be different because situations have changed, and our lives are different. I realised that a long while ago. Still working on accepting it.

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