Sunday, September 30

More good day and special day to be documented in diary

Last Thursday:

- Did not buy leather jacket
- Ate burgers
- Threatened to kick birds
- Hamer Hall
- Got immensely sunshined on then rained on
I realise your love is the best sound I have ever heard.

- Met Alice who was on her lonesome cause everyone was late
- Ate lots of food
- A lot of it
- Massive potato chips
- Sandwiches with too much capsicum
- Actually, just the fact that there was capsicum was too much
- Gave said capsicum to Alice
- Avoided capsicum in the pasta salad
- Cat's adorable face
- Julia chinning people
- Getting married
- Eating more food
- Watching Mags' face when we gave her presents
- Train home with Bec

Aaaaaand no more seeing them all together for the next two months or so. Sigh.



- Finished Preview, walked down to apartment in heels which were starting to kind of hurt by that point
- Bought sushi
- Was stupid and also bought Maccas
- Left sushi for hungry friends
- Got hugged by person I had met for only an hour. It was kind of weird. Friendly, but weird invasion of personal space bro.
- Chilled at apartment eating food on the kitchen bench
- Fixed Cat's dress. Eheheheheheehehe.
- Missed tram. Stood around in cold waiting for next tram. Moaned.
- Caught tram. Got off tram. Went inside with friends, then left again like cool people do.
- Had pleasant walk back to Southern Cross with Mahi
- Trained home with Mahi

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