Friday, September 28

Picture me complaining with all this

You could say I made it, but I'm fading, cause I miss you. Can we go back? But the issue: this time we can't get back. What happened to you? Come back. Cause I miss you. Can we go back? 
Feeling good now. Went for piano lesson in the morning. Dog got in the way of the pedal. Got mega confidence boost and the seal of approval I was looking for. Still need to work much. Within the next two weeks I have assignments for macro and APA, a French oral, an assessment day for vac work, the online testing which "should take around an hour" to complete before the assessment day, probs should fix my CV, need to prep for the interview accompanying the assessment day, masterclass, catch-up with Jess and MSO concert to attend. Oh, and I should start revising for exams, the earliest of which is in six weeks. And all that tute work. And all the French stuff they only just sent through that I need to do before Monday. Oh, and a French impromptu debate some time. Should be alright. But I'm very tired right now.

Cat then appeared, though we accidentally left her out in the cold cause we were too busy whacking piano to hear her. Talked. Played again. Went to noms. Nommed. Went to more noms. Got very, very full. Took up a table for a good hour talking. Then went home. Was good. Good people.

Preview was also good. Good people. Made some friends. Enjoyed myself. Still residually exhausted from manual labour and haven't been sleeping good. Sleepy headache past two days. Bought jewellery yesterday. That was fun as well. Funky ring. Funky necklace. Still need to find my leather jacket. Sigh.

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