Tuesday, June 5

Word of the day: distractment

Someone enlighten me as to how I ask someone how they are if I know perfectly well how they are. I have no words to ask "how are things" when I know things are not well. How to ask them to unload if I don't know if they've already buried and are ignoring the hurt.

In other news, I did micro. It was.


Yeah. It was. I answered things. I tried to do the best I could. Hopefully I did reasonably well. Now to do accounting, French, and just that little bit of music.

Was cold today, but at least it wasn't wet. Waited at Richmond to stalk people/person. It was a tad cold. Train was fair packed. Friends are worth peak hour transport. And getting home later.

Distractment: noun of adjective distracted. Credit due to Bec.

Sorta sleepy now. Need to start practicing piano again. Need to play for music director some time.


So I am sitting here with my friend listening to (or well, reading) her recite/attempt to memorise all these crazy formulas. I am rather glad I did not do science. We have formulas yes. They tend to be on the formula sheet. I am rather sleepy, and tired, and don't know what to do for the rest of the night. I have caught up on tumblr, I don't feel like reading manga, and have stalked every square inch out of the last Nadal match. And that is basically all I do on the computer. Which I do need to stay on because listening to/reading chemical formulas is always fun. S = KBlogeW. I am good at storing things in short term memory. Though I still remember something from year twelve chem that I helped my brother revise for...acetate = CH3COOH. Minus. I believe. Yeah. I still have exams. But I'm gonna take a breather tonight cause I have worked oh so very hard...mmm...micro. Sigh.

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