Monday, June 4

Dear world

I think I passed QM. Now I am ever-so-slightly worried about micro. Oh well. Must forge on. Can't worry and all that. Or something. After tomorrow I'll be floating along. Before I start worrying about French. I should study for that as well. After the eighteenth, I can go crazy with social outings and fun times. Oh wait, I no longer have yearly, it actually costs money to go on public transport. Big sigh.

And how the hell did my picture of Hitsugaya manage to get so many hits? The posts which usually get views are the ones which have videos in them. I'm really confused.

Please let me pass micro. There are too many things to remember. Decisions about monopolies confuse me. Decisions based on various curves confuse me. I love game theory. Then I get it wrong. So yeah. If I screw up the bits that I'm sorta good at, then where does that leave me regarding this exam.....mmmm...

In other news, it was really wet today. My shoes are still saturated even though I have burnt them by the fire for the past few hours and made the whole house smell of shoe.

Time to return to studying this microeconomics business. It shall be all right. Hopely.

And my phone just buzzed to tell me Almagro is through to the quarters of French Open. That's a might lot of Spaniards in there.

Aforementioned shoes are also falling apart. The canvas lining on the inside is rather dead. If the outer were not made of leather, and being Chucks, the toe not reinforced with rubber, they would have been quite dead by now. As it is, half the sole has been worn away. I think that may be the reason why they got so thoroughly drenched as I swam through puddles today. Oh well. They've lasted me...over four years. I got them during summer holidays just before year nine. And they're still alive. I must follow the examples my shoes have set me and be tough and hardy and enduring and stuff. Yes. Like Nadal. Who turned 26 yesterday actually. Please win.

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