Thursday, December 8

Sometimes I do stupid things

Such as actually believing that tumblr was giving away iMacs. Sigh. Now creepy men will turn up at my house, call my home phone, and spam my email. Or give me some sort of virus, apparently. Which is why I'm still up. I would have gone to bed, but I am currently running a virus is at 67%. Hopefully my computer doesn't die. Though I do need to fix several problems, such as speakers being weird, monitor refusing to turn off, and somehow finding that illusive/ellusive/unfindable cable which allows me to have a webcam. I'm really sleepy. My eyes refuse to concentrate on anything in particular. It's freakin 1am. Interview on Friday. Inverloch on Monday. Results next Friday. And my brain is doing some sort of weird brain implosion, whose reality inception dance inside my head. Staying up late does weird things to my mind.

Still at 67%. This is gonna take a while. I guess I could just tell it to shut down after it's done. There's an idea. But I don't know if it's going to kill the bad things once it finds them...I'll see how far it's gotten after I write down this partial scene.

Apparently there was nothing on my computer...I don't trust my AVG scanning.

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