Saturday, May 14

There's a lot to blog about

But I've forgotten what it was. However, I do have exciting news.

- 29 Hyper Potions
- 1 Super Potion
- 1 Potion
- 16 Revives
- 5 Max Revives
- 3 Parlzy Heals
- 3ish Ethers
- 1 Full Restore
- 61 minutes of my life

What it took to become Pokémon League Champion of Johto.

And what the hell Lance. Three Dragonites? Three?? I beat the first one, and I'm thinking "yes, it's all easier from here after the Dragonite."

Champion Lance is about send out Dragonite

Wait, what? He has another one? 

And then he had another after that. You can't even get level 49/50 Dragonites. What is he feeding those things if he gets them to evolve so early? 

But I did manage to beat him. The Elite Four were nothing compared to him. Half an hour for all four of them, then another half hour just to beat him. Champions will be champions. 

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