Wednesday, February 17


I thought I'd just post that I am really tired at this current point in time.
Had four to six hours sleep last night. Unlike many others, I am not a superteen. I can't function on four to six hours, which was probably closer to five. Especially if the sleep is gotten in chunks and not one huge block. Make sense? No? Well, I'm tired. I get incoherent when I'm tired.
And thus, I'm really tired. Having weird dreams didn't help either. I tend to get tireder when I dream. I swear I yawned about fifty times today. Close enough to it anyway.
What else?
I should go to bed. I should also do the three exercises of methods I've fallen behind on. More like four actually. Whatever. And answer some questions about Medea. Sounds like morning-train work to me. Sleep sounds like now work though.
Good night.
But not before I eat a nectarine.

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