Thursday, October 24

I hate rain

When it rains, one must avoid snails. 

Rule #1: Don't squish the snails. 

Which can be very mentally taxing. They camaflage, which saves them from birds perhaps, but not from my large feet, so they can be very difficult to spot and when I walk around the block I have to play a constant game of "Is that a shadow a rock or a snail?????" It's very trying. 

Rule #2: Don't let the dog squish any snails. 

Also taxing because I have to try to look at what's in front of the dog and steer her away from any snails in her path which is difficult because when she has her mind set on walking somewhere, she will go there. 

Another game I must play: is that a slug or a leaf?

Also millipedes are heaps creepy. The bottom of my pant legs also get wet. And if I want to look nice, tough luck, rain will screw up your hair. And your clothes (see bottom of pant legs). 

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