Thursday, April 12

So I realised I've been an idiot...

...the 200mb of data in my phone plan is included. They don't charge me for it. I'm an idiot. Here I was, not using my phone last month cause I thought I'd blow it. But no, ends up I only used eighty of 160 bucks. Good job Sarah. Nice time to realise it. About 16 months into the plan. Yeah. I'm going to be a great lawyer. Or anything. Person.

My past week

Tuesday: Crashed Hello Dolly rehearsal with Cat. Waltzed to some interesting musical music. Lunched with friends was fun. Walked down Toorak Rd, was fun. Sat on grass next to Shrine, was fun. Had crab with family. Good stuff.

Wednesday...I drove? Switched lanes like a boss on Whitehorse Rd.

Thursday (being today). Crashed rehearsal again (what the hell am I doing with my life...), had piano lesson. Felt remotivated. Got home. Felt re-unmotivated. Crashed muso meeting for five minutes. Felt way too comfortable being there. Not a good thing because I don't actually belong there. Left. Had chocolatey things at MC. Was fun. Went home.

I feel rather unmotivated for anything at all. In other news, I got H1s in both my French things. So yeah, good thus far. Need to keep it up. Music is freaking me out. Again. Feel like I suck, feel unmotivated due to lack of skill, don't practice due to lack of motivation, don't get any better due to lack of practice, suck even more, etc. etc. Need to break the cycle...probably by practicing. But yeah. Don't feel any good at this. What's a piano?

I think I have an idea for Cat's present. Now, I must flesh it out.

And who the hell am I talking to...

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