Sunday, April 29

Because I don't think I blog about happy thoughts or events enough

The reason behind that is probably cause no one reads this anyway, and me blogging downer thoughts is just a cry for attention, and when I'm happy I'm not feeling particularly lacking attention cause that's just how my brain works. Ja.

It's sorta late. But I thought that it should be put out there that I'm happy at the moment. The assignment barrage is imminent, and I haven't started, and exams are only about five weeks away, but that anxiety will settle in later. At the moment, I feel alright. I have a loving family. I have a whole bunch of friends. I have people who will willingly go out of their way to talk to me, though I should probably rekindle some of those. I thought I broke something, but I don't think I have after all, and as a result of speaking up, I'm not longer agonising about it (which is actually probably what put me in this good mood). And I think I've finally managed to convince myself that I don't need to be with the guy I like (however, I'll probably not think the same in a few weeks. Or days. It comes and goes, this acceptance lark). When I'm happy I also work more, so that's a good thing. Need to knuckle down on that piano. Yep.

I'm sorta sleepy now though. I think I shall go sleep.

All that being said, I still miss high school and associated friends very much. I still miss being part of something, extremely. I miss my old piano teacher immensely. But at the moment, I'm doing alright.

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