Saturday, August 20

Ramble 18

So like, Cat's gone to Thailand for a week on some crazy science thing. I think you already left, at about 2? I don't know. I should know more, shouldn't I? I should make more effort for everyone. Try to remember things better. Just try harder in general. It amazes me how many people stick around even with my "good enough".

I'm going to miss you. Going to miss having my security blanket around for a week. My reminder, person who keeps me organised. Confidence-giver. Squishy hugs no matter what mood I'm in, even if it's a mood where I can't be bothered with human contact. Nyurock. Safe trip, my friend, and come home safe.

And so my mind is jumping to a time after all this. Say, a year from now.

Who will I know? Will I miss them? Will I still talk to all those who are dear to me now? Or will it have become the situation where we try to meet up, but we're all a little half-hearted about it, and it just ends up with drifting-ness? I only talk to one person from my old school, and that sporadically. But we're good. How will it pan out for this? Although I do have more friends now then I did back in year 8. And not only has the quantity increased, but the quality has too!

At this moment of pondering, I'm not too worried. In fact, I'm not really that worried. It was just something I was thinking about. But I figured that if they're cool enough, they'll stick around. I hope.

I've done a fair bit of work today. But even so, I feel like it's not enough. Sigh sigh sigh.

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