Friday, November 15

Doom is coming and its name is Enterprise Performance Management

This is the most underprepared I've ever been for an exam. Oh well. Free crepes cause last exam woooo.

In other news I had a very strange dream where I was taking photos of animals, and somehow I got a star-nosed mole's nose stuck in my lens, which was pretty gross, so I yanked that out (it was a tiny orange thing). And then I realise that my entire lens had in fact been covered by a massive nose. Somehow I'd gotten so close to the mole that in adjusting my lens, I had managed to catch it's nose. So I had this massive slimy thing covering my whole lens, though funnily enough I could still see through it, and also oddly I had not been taking pictures of any moles star-nosed or otherwise, and in fact had been stalking some really pretty birds that flew away before I could take a photo.

And then there was a kangaroo on my rooftop.

Before that, I went to the west side for some reason, and got really upset once I got there cause I wanted to go home and the next tram was in half an hour so I was screaming and crying cause I needed to get back into the city to get home cause it was already past five and my mother would get angry at me. So some kindly homeless guy gives me twenty US bucks for a cab out, which wouldn't have helped much anyway, but then I magically got back to 'uni' (it didn't look like uni) and I still had his twenty bucks and felt bad cause I didn't need it after all so I gave it to my random homeless friend (this one was a different homeless guy to the one I'd gotten the money from). Yeah. And something about a shopping centre and not being able to find Julia...and speeches about people...and that's all I can remember.

But yes, my point was I have an exam in four hours and I don't know what's going on. Span of control. Goal congruence. Yeah I got this.

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