Wednesday, July 20

Procrastination and aiming high don't really go well together

I haven't done any work since I got home...well, I've added about 150 words to my French general convo since my return at about 4:30. Yeah. After dinner I read a little bit. And now I find myself here. I was all like, "yeah, I'm going to do this English essay now instead of leaving it until Friday night/Saturday morning to complete for my tutor Saturday afternoon", but I left my English stuff at home*. Well done Sarah.

So I'll write some spec notes instead. But it feels so much less fulfilling...
She was a reader, a dreamer; she lived to embody; He was logic and truth and practicality.
She was too big for his heart, too big.
Too big...
*Edit at 5:57pm on the 22nd July 2011
I meant school.

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